2017 Leadership Challenge

FLAMEL Welcomes it's Newest Cohort

On Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017, FLAMEL welcomed their 4th cohort to the program by participating in Georgia Tech’s Leadership Challenge Obstacle Course.  Current students and faculty participated in this exercise with the new students and got to know each other in a unique and exciting way. 

They began by performing a series of ground-based initiatives which allowed them to introduce themselves and build immediate interaction.  The first initiative was the Key Punch.  A small area was marked on the ground, and topped with alphabet mats, mismatched and out of order.  The group had to work together to design a process to touch the letters in consecutive order as quickly as possible.  They were given several “trial” runs to continuously improve their task.  After each trial, the group would apply other approaches to improve their time.  Discussions focused around innovation, execution, and the importance of re-thinking processes.

The ground-based challenges built comfort and trust within the group, which is exactly what they needed to complete the next part of the course – the high-element challenge.   The high-element challenge took the group out of their comfort zone as they climbed ropes, traversed on foot cables, and completed the Tarzan rope element.   Because sufficient trust was built by the group, they were able to complete the course all the way to the zip-line finish. 

After concluding the challenges, everyone was able to share their experience and accomplishments.  By participating, they left the course feeling connected and productive as a team.  These connections are key as they begin classes together and participate in research as a FLAMEL trainee.